About Me

Hello! My name is Andrew Huggins. I am a filmmaker from Charlotte, North Carolina. I received my bachelor of arts degree in filmmaking and video production from The Art Institute of Charlotte in December, 2013. I currently work as an independent filmmaker full time in North Carolina. I am employed with Creative Circle, HouseLens,  and I work regularly with Ray Evernham Enterprises and Hendrick Motorsports. Here you can view a wide variety of my work, and if you have any inquiries regarding my video production services just let me know. Upon inquiry I will send over my rate card for all phases of production.  I want to work with you!


Artist Statement:

Filmmaking parallels life itself. The stories I tell reflect my own life experiences and explore what life was like in different time periods and slightly altered realities. I focus on familial relationships and character development through keen observation and varied subtexts. I am always learning and growing as a filmmaker from one project to the next.