Tail Slate - Newly minted production assistant believes he could easily direct film he's working on

Tanner Copely, 23, was recently hired to work on the dramatic feature film, "Steel River." Two days into shooting he was heard speaking with one of the grips by crafty saying, "Look, I know what I'm talking about. I have an associate's degree in media arts, and I've written many successful screenplays. The only reason I'm working as a PA on this shoot is because they'd already booked this director. And wow. I just...wow. I could make this film really great. I'm telling you. Really great."

Upon speaking with the rest of the crew, it was determined that everyone else was quite impressed with the film's current director. First AD Glen Hough said, "He's really efficient. He's also really good at getting what he wants from his actors. For something low-budget like this, he's doing great."

After a solid week of filming we caught up with Tanner, smoking a cigarette around the corner from set. "Oh, hey. They don't need me right now. I mean, they always need me. But. I just wanted to grab a smoke. From the looks of things, I don't think it could get any worse than this. I mean, the last scene they filmed, three actors were crying in one scene. I mean, overkill much? I wouldn't do that in a million years. I'd do things so differently. I just can't believe I have to deal with this while there are high quality screenplays sitting on my desk. That I've written. I'm such a good filmmaker. Everyone will see. You'll see. Time will tell."

Tanner was later escorted off set that same day for standing too close to the director's monitor multiple times.