"Blue Sunday" Going into Production

This coming Saturday, the fifth of April, we will begin production on a fifteen page short film called, "Blue Sunday." The story was conceived by actor Todd Brown and was then sent to Mike Reda and me with the intention of adapting it into something that we could shoot then promote for a feature. Todd has so many ideas for where this story can go, I am very excited to continue building characters with him for this narrative. 

We have accrued an excellent crew for this production as well. Kevin Strahm, veteran filmmaker, is our Director of Photography. I will be assistant directing on this film, and all the way down the line we have quality, hard working individuals that will make production smooth and easy. 

Our cast is somewhat unprecedented. Todd managed to gather a "dream team" for us on this project. The cast is as follows:

Davis Osborne - IMDB

Vanessa Ore - IMDB

Rhonda Lynn Jones - IMDB

Todd Brown - IMDB


We are all very excited to work with such talented, dedicated actors. I will continue to update this blog on our progress throughout the next couple of weekends. Thanks for reading!