Projects Update

I'm almost ready to begin pre-production on "Grit" but have a few other things to accomplish first. I've been freelancing pretty consistently this summer, and I've spent most of my free time helping friends on projects of their own. I'm currently working with Dawson Burdick on a fantasy film that he's concocted, and I will be working as Director of Photography on Adrian Jackson's film, "Charlotte Bound" in August. Between these projects I'm preparing lesson plans for the Wilke's County Film camp that I'm teaching at in a week. 

To donate to the "Charlotte Bound" cause, you can visit:

Also, I recently completed a script entitled, "The Fury of the Abused." I will be filming this after "Grit", and it will be my last film for 2014. I'm particularly excited about this film, as it blends narrative approach with experimental style. You can check out the full script at the corresponding page on this website. 

Thanks for reading!