Below you can watch almost two hours worth of original material that I’ve made. Thanks for watching! 

The sounds they make

Actor Tom England with Andrew Huggins on the set of "The Bishop Boys"

Actor Tom England with Andrew Huggins on the set of "The Bishop Boys"

Full Time FIlmmaker Located in Charlotte, NC 


Hello! My name is Andrew Huggins. I am a filmmaker from Charlotte, North Carolina. I received my bachelor of arts degree in filmmaking and video production from The Art Institute of Charlotte in December, 2013. I currently work as an independent filmmaker full time in North Carolina. I am employed with Creative Circle, HouseLens,  and I work regularly with Ray Evernham Enterprises and Hendrick Motorsports. Here you can view a wide variety of my work, and if you have any inquiries regarding my video production services just let me know. Upon inquiry I will send over my rate card for all phases of production.  I want to work with you!


Recently completed short films not available to the public yet: Curb Service, Talent, Bandit Brothers, and Yard Sale. Everything else that i’ve made is viewable on the “films” tab on this website.  


Artist Statement:

Filmmaking parallels life itself. The stories I tell reflect my own life experiences and explore what life was like in different time periods and slightly altered realities. I focus on familial relationships and character development through keen observation and varied subtexts. I am always learning and growing as a filmmaker from one project to the next.

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Dirty Winds (13 Pages) - WINNER - Best Short Screenplay - Hollywood Hills Screenplay Awards 2017 - WINNER - Best Screenplay - 2nd Annual Gold Reel Film Festival - WINNER - Best Short Screenplay - Hoosierdance International Film Festival 2016 - THIRD PLACE - Lake Charles Film and Music Festival 2016 - FINALIST - Oaxaca Film Festival Global Script Competition - FINALIST - Hope Film Awards - SEMI-FINALIST - Red Corner Festival

Buzzby (2 Pages)

Reditus Domum (2 Pages)

The Shepherd, The Sheep (6 Pages)

Sunrise (15 Pages)

Brothers (4 Pages)

Grit (5 Pages)

The Fury of the Abused (7 Pages)

Season 3: Episode 8 (7 Pages)

Four Men and a Burial (4 Pages)

Jeremiah (8 Pages)

The Bishops (36 Pages)

Civil (6 Pages)

Imposters or (Blood Drinker) (74 Pages)

The Sounds They Make (2 Pages)

Alloy (7 Pages)

The Waiting Room (5 Pages)

Hank's Last Robbery (7 Pages) - WINNer - 1st place short screenplay  - The $2 film festival - OFFICIAL SELECTION - Atlanta Comedy Film Festival 2017 

The Depths (16 pages) - OFFICIAL SELECTIon - The $2 film festival - official selection - independent horror movie awards - official selection - top indie film awards

 Here you can view short scenes created for talent local to the Charlotte region. These were written, directed, shot, and edited by me.