"Where the Wolves Lie" is my thesis film which I developed for nine months. Various cuts of this project have been selected to thirteen film festivals, and the film has won five awards, including the Grand Prize and Best Actor (Dylan James) at The Eastern North Carolina Film Festival. Luke Skaggs, son of Grammy award winning country/bluegrass musician Ricky Skaggs, wrote the score for the film. All versions of the film are on my Vimeo page. 


Nathan is a twelve-year-old boy who encounters a mysterious figure, Q, in the family barn. Margaret, Nathan’s mother, is distant and beginning to unravel due to years of dishonesty. Nathan’s older siblings, Gabriel and Emily, begin to question their mother’s version of reality. Margaret’s sister Abigail attempts to maintain the balance within the family, but the truth begins to manifest itself from the past.


Cast Bios

Dylan James: Dylan is from Mocksville, North Carolina, and is thirteen years old. He has been acting for six years, and was featured in the 2011 production, “The Green Lantern.” - IMDB

Dylan James


Russ A. Bryan: Russ is from the foothills of Tennessee and currently resides in Salisbury, North Carolina. He is twenty-five years old and is a member of the Carolina Actor’s Group. He studies the Sanford Meisner Method under actor, Burgess Jenkins.  - IMDB

Russ A. Bryan - Photo by Chad Currie


Courtney Amis: Courtney is an eighteen-year-old actress from Atlanta, Georgia. She has worked with Cartoon Network and also makes her own short films. 

Courtney Amis - Photo by Chad Currie


Linda Guth: Linda is an actress from Mooresville, North Carolina. She is very active within the Carolina theater and film scene. - IMDB


Linda Guth - Photo by Chad Currie

Kerry Cashion: Kerry is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She has acted in television programs such as, “Homeland” and “Banshee”, and appears in the feature film, “You are Here.” - IMDB

Kerry Cashion - Photo by Chad Currie


Thomas A. England: Tom resides in Mooresville, North Carolina, and began acting two years ago. Andrew Huggins and Tom worked on one of Tom’s first projects together with Andrew as the scriptwriter. He is also a photographer and documentarian. - IMDB

Thomas A. England - Photo by Chad Currie


Crew Bios


Eduardo Aquino (Director of Photography): Eduardo received his Associate’s Degree from The Art Institute of Charlotte in the summer of 2012. He is a cinematographer and postproduction specialist.

Jordan K. Ellis (Additional Photography): Jordan has earned his bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking fromThe Art Institute of Charlotte. He is a writer, director, cinematographer, and colorist.

Tony Query (First Assistant Director): Tony is a graduate of The Art Institute of Charlotte’s BFA program. He is a writer/director, and specializes in dramatic, comedic, and experimental film.

Mike Reda (First Assistant Camera): Mike has earned his Associate’s Degree from The Art Institute of Charlotte. He is a writer/director and also specializes in working within the camera department.

Dawson Burdick (Gaffer): Dawson earned his Associate’s degree in the Film Program from The Art Institute of Charlotte in the Spring of 2013. He specializes in action choreography and cinematography.

James Parsons (Key Grip): James received his BFA in Filmmaking from The Art Institute of Charlotte in 2012. He is a writer/director and specializes in the electrical department and sound recording.

Anthony Bartlett (Sound Mixer): Anthony is currently working on his BFA in Filmmaking from The Art Institute of Charlotte. He specializes in producing, directing, and audio recording/mixing.




Director's Statement:

I love the idea of family. Specifically, the idea that relationships in your life can transcend typical interaction and emotion. I wanted to play with both ends of the spectrum, joy and sorrow, within the environment of an isolated family that only interacts with themselves. These emotions in my film stem from dishonesty and the effects that this has on the entire family. 

Also, in terms of production, my favorite challenge with this film was maintaining consistency within the late 19th century. Creating a post Civil War period piece within the confines of a “student film” was very satisfying.

The Banks family eating dinner - Photo by Chad Currie